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Well what else can we say but 2020 WOW!!!!!! I have been writing this introduction for over 25 years and there has always been something in the world to talk about. There was the year right while I was writing the introduction, Hurricane Katrina hit and destroyed the gulf; there was September 11, 2001 terrorist attack; and there was the 2008 banking collapse of the economy that threatened the country. All of these events took place right while I was writing the introduction. We have also have many personal challenges to the family over the years. With all that being said, 2020 may be the strangest yet. We have a global pandemic, race relations that are starting to rival 1968, and I fear we are coming up on a political struggle like the country has never seen before in November.

So let’s talk about how all of this affects us here at the nursery this coming year. When the pandemic hit we were having somewhat slow sales for the fall and early spring. Then when the stay at home orders hit our business actually really picked up. This increase helped us bridge the loss of 4-5 spring plant sales we would normally go to each spring that were all canceled. We also had to account for the loss of in-person sales here at the nursery. We want to thank all of you who placed orders this spring. Those orders really helped us get through the crazy spring. As for this coming year we would like to ask for your continued support because we fear the continued loss of in-person sales for the foreseeable future. We are open year round from 9-5 Wednesday through Saturday and what better place to socially distance than a walk around the garden and nursery.

Now for our personal catch up section. It has been a difficult spring for Marj. In April she fell and fractured her left shoulder, then on the 4th of July she fell and fractured her left femur. Both of these took place during the heat of the pandemic so we were not able to visit her in the hospital or in the rehabilitation facility. She is home now and we are hoping with some modifications to avoid another fall. Pierce is working at a treatment center for children with serious emotional and behavioral issues. He is working the graveyard shift and is past ready to switch to another shift.  He is not enjoying being a creature of the night. He has just enrolled in school and is working toward a microbiology degree. Dawn has had a crazy year in education, trying to do speech therapy remotely or online is a difficult task. The plans for this school year are still in flux and so she has had to adjust on the fly for this year. Roger is doing well and we are restocked from the rush of orders this spring. Roger has been able to find some new and exciting plants to share with all of you. As for me, I am still making progress on the health problems from last year and have been able to resume everything I was able to do before getting sick. We purchased a new 16-foot whitewater raft in the last couple months and have been able to enjoy some great river trips. I am still assembling gear for the raft and look forward to many river camping trips in the future. We were able to purchase the raft because there has been no fishing trips to Alaska and no horse shows for Dawn this year.

We do have an exciting opportunity this coming February. We will be open February 20 and 27 in conjunction with Northwest Garden Nursery for their spring hellebore sale. We will both be open and we will have most of the same selections. Both display gardens will be open to tour as well. So if you want to avoid the crowd and not face the early sold out plants please consider visiting us.


We have ordered many more hellebores from Ernie and Marietta O’Byrne with their agreement that we should be open together to spread out the crowd during their open houses. So please visit both gardens and see the selections available. Please visit Northwest Garden Nursery’s website for photos. We have also expanded our selections of ferns, rhododendrons and hamamellis this year and are very excited about the new selections.

We have also been busy with our other new adventure. Some of you may know we are planting Hazelnut trees for nut production. We are in our 4th year and the first 14 acres are really starting to look like trees. We will plant the final 8 acres this fall bringing our total to 35 acres, roughly 4100 trees in total! That is a lot of pruning and maintenance. We are anticipating or first crop next year and hope to be in real production in 3-4 years. When complete we should produce between 100,000 and 125,000 pounds of nuts a year.

To close, we hope all of you are well and let’s hope that 2021 is a way better year for all of us! Please feel free to visit the nursery as we are here and open and we are set up for proper social distancing. We ask all of you to continue to support small businesses like ours. With your support we can continue to stay open and bring you the goods and services only small businesses can provide.

We can’t make this operation work without the help of some great people. Dianna Learner for proofing the catalog, Lisa Seabright for her help in the office and formatting the catalog. We would be lost without our constant helper and great neighbor Wayne Headlee.

P.S. Well when we thought 2020 had showed us it’s hand we got hit with another curve ball. If you are wondering why the catalog is a little later this year we were hit with the Holiday Farm Fire. We were warned that a once in a hundred year wind event was headed to western Oregon on September, 8. Upriver from us a power line sparked a fire with 50 mph down canyon winds and created a firestorm like nobody in this area ever even dreamed was possible. At one point the fire was advancing at 30 mph down the McKenzie River incinerating everything in its path. We were placed under evacuation order and had to be ready to leave. We lost power for 7 days and had to evacuate the horses just to be safe. As of today, around 750 homes above us on the river have been lost and the highway is severely damaged with no estimates of when it might open to the east of us. Another fire north of us in Marion County is even bigger and the estimate there is that 80-100 thousand trees will need to be removed to make the highway passable. We are anticipating similar results upriver from us. We are fine now, the fire never got near enough to directly threaten us. We are under severe smoke with the worst air quality in the world! We were operating on generators for seven days and were able to keep all the plants watered. Thank you for all the well wishes, we had almost a hundred emails waiting when we got the power to the office back. I know we shouldn’t make a political statement but climate change is very real especially for those of us living on a coast. The ocean is sick and the weather it is generating is getting more severe every year. Please take climate change seriously and help in your own way to address this challenge, the future depends on action now.


Eric Gossler
Roger Gossler
Marj Gossler