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Here we are again, time for the new catalog. We are, as always anxious for all of our friends and customers to see what we have for you each season. This is another big year for us here at the nursery, because it is the 50th ANNIVERSARY OF OUR CATALOG!!!!! To put this in perspective, Roger was 12 years old and I was 2 the year of our first catalog. The first catalog was one page with only 20-30 plants. The prices have changed a little, and the selection has vastly expanded, but our commitment to the hobby gardener remains strong. The nursery started as an avenue for us to expand our own garden, and to increase our knowledge of plants and to broaden what is available to the consumer. We have always tried to offer the plants that are not available at the average corner nursery. We feel having the new and exciting varieties is what keeps your landscape fresh and exciting.

Last year we had the annual update in the second paragraph because it had been such a difficult year for us. This year I want to start early with the updates so you can see how we have progressed. First of all, Marj is turning 90(!) on September 14th. She has pretty well returned to normal after her brush with mortality last spring (2017). In fact this winter she bowled a 172 in her winter league. This is a pretty impressive accomplishment from where she was last year. Dawn’s hip is doing well and she is back to riding and showing horses. In fact she went to Idaho in June and did the best she has ever done at a regional show placing in almost every class. She and Cooper came home with 1 championship, one reserve championship and six regional top five trophies!!! Pierce has been working guiding and we only see him occasionally as he passes through going from one river to the next. Currently, he is on the Salmon River in Idaho doing several back to back trips. He is planning to start college full time this fall here at the local community college and then is considering transferring to Oregon State University to finish. He has a passion for the rivers but has come to the conclusion that he wants to turn his time on the river back to a hobby and not do as much guiding for others. He has also been competing in several whitewater race events. Most of these would make your average person run away screaming. Running class 5 whitewater for the fastest time is not for everyone. Roger had a wonderful trip last fall to Philadelphia. He led a small tour group and was able to take them to some spectacular gardens and sites in the Philadelphia area. He was really excited to visit Falling Water the Frank Lloyd Wright designed home in Mill Run Pennsylvania. As for me, the Hazelnut orchard project has taken a lot of hours to establish. The first 14 acres are growing well and we are ready to plant the next 7 acres this winter. We hope they continue to thrive and the maintenance starts to reduce as they become more established. I just returned from my annual Alaska fishing trip, and am looking at a long list of projects for this fall that need my attention.

We are really excited about a number of new offerings this year. Roger is always on the hunt for new material to offer you. This is a challenging operation because he tries to not only find new but also to find plants that will perform in everyone’s garden. We always try to grow the new offerings for a year or two in our own garden to test their viability. This year pay particular attention to the Magnolias, Stewartias, and Rhododendrons. Each have some new and, we think, very exciting additions to some old favorites.

We were able to hold our annual dinner this year after taking last year off. Last year with all the health problems we were not able to hold the event. This year, we were quite surprised we had to turn away people because we reached our unofficial limit of 70 guests. To those who we had to turn away please contact us early next year so we make sure to get you on the list early. Once again, we got great feedback on the gardens that were open and the food disappeared quickly so it must have been OK? We got a number of thank you notes from guests and they were all greatly appreciated.

We have been working on our new website and we think it should launch in September or early October. We are working on getting pictures for over a thousand plants and once it is operational you should be able to see the entire catalog and be able to view each plant in our inventory. Please keep checking at gosslerfarms.com. If you ever have any questions about the catalog, website, or your order please call our land line and leave a message and we will return your call ASAP. Also, if you email us and don’t receive a response please call and check with us. We sometimes, like everyone, have messages not get to us and we do not want you to think we are not answering! So please, if you do not get a response in a day or so, please call and we can answer your questions.

We have a very small staff and would as always, like to acknowledge their contributions to our success. Wayne Headlee is our one full time nursery employee Wayne is like family and we greatly appreciate his efforts. Lisa Sebright is a great help especially with Marj leaving the office work behind. Lisa has always been a great help on a part time basis.
We hope everyone is having a great year and we look forward to seeing and hearing from all of you soon. Please stop by the nursery and garden when you can, we love to visit with customers and friends. If you have any questions on the catalog, please call and we will be glad to assist you in any way we can.