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Welcome to this year’s catalog. We hope all of you are excited to see the new material and many of our old favorites. We, as always, have added a number of sensational plants that are new to us and to the industry. It is amazing every year, there are so many new plants developed for the consumer. Roger is constantly on the hunt for these new species and cultivars and is always experimenting in our garden. Some don’t make the cut and are bound for the compost pile while others prove to be worth adding to the collection of spectacular plants we have always tried to offer. Don’t forget the older varieties we offer. The ones we choose to carry year after year are in the catalog for an important reason. They are the proven species for us and have survived the test of time in our garden.

We will jump into the annual what are we up to part of the catalog. For those of you new to this we give an update each year because many of you we have known for 20-30 years or even more. I am not going to lie this has been a difficult year for us! Marj is doing well and will turn 91 this week. Roger is leading a tour group through the Carolinas the first part of October. He is excited to share this area with people and show the gardens he has enjoyed seeing for decades. Pierce has been guiding full time on the American River in California since May. He is running class 4 whitewater every day showing people something they could never do on their own. He will be home for a week and then he will head back to California for school. He is doing an EMT training program and will finish with his EMT certification and his wilderness first responder certification. Dawn has just started back for her 30th year of teaching this past week. She and her horse Cooper did very well at the Regional horse show in Nampa Idaho. She has many ribbons and trophies to show for her efforts.

Now for the rough part of the year: I thought I had hurt my back in March. I was seeing the doctor and was not getting better over a couple weeks. Then over the course of two days I started losing all feeling from the chest down and ended up in the ER unable to walk and numb from the chest down. Leaving out many of the gory details of many possible diagnoses, I was diagnosed with shingles induced transverse myelitis. Shingles had attacked my spinal cord and was causing swelling and damage to the nerves. I was in the hospital for a week and a half and have been working on recovery ever since. I have been told a year to a year and a half to recover, and probably will have some permanent damage. This has been hard for me and all those involved. I would like to thank Roger for stepping up at the nursery and doing a lot more work. Pierce stepped in and handled all the shipping for the nursery this spring, helping save the shipping season. I also had many friends step up and help at various points to assist in keeping the show running, Chuck Davis, Jim Donovan, Wayne Headlee, Scott Weaver and many others all helped to cover the load. I am doing everything I can to get back to where I was before this happened. PT several hours a week and lots of pool time and it has all helped. I am back to probably 85% of where I was before it all started, I am still seeing slow progress each week. So I feel my civic duty is to tell everyone out there to get your shingles shot, this is one of the many horrible things that can happen with this virus. I would like to give special thanks to Dawn, this was a horrible for her as well. She helped me push through and has supported me every step of the way.

Now, back to the good news of the nursery business. We have been involved with sell- ing our material through another website the last couple years: Plantlust.com. This has helped our sales and increased our exposure to new customers we may have never reached on our own. It is difficult for a small nursery in Springfield, Oregon to get national exposure. This site has allowed us to reach hundreds of new people and we would like to thank Megan, Grace and Patricia for helping us expand our audience.

As always, if you are in the area, come see us. We are always acquiring new plants not yet in the catalog! The garden is always available to walk through and see what we have added to the collection. If you are planning on traveling to see us, please call to make sure we will be available to assist you. We would like to thank: Wayne Headee the best employee and neighbor anyone could ever hope to have, Lisa Sebright for her help in the office, and Diana Learner for her help editing the catalog.

I would like to add a small word on our shipping prices. We have always tried to sim- ply break even on our shipping cost. This has become more and more difficult the past several years, as anyone who has shipped a larger package would know. Our plants are generally bigger than the plants you will receive from many other nurseries, and because of this our shipping prices have to reflect that fact.

We hope you enjoy the catalog! We look forward to hearing from you all and hopefully seeing some of you this year. Have a great year, best wishes to all of you.


Eric Gossler
Roger Gossler
Marj Gossler