Gossler Farms Nursery 1200 Weaver Road Springfield, OR 97478
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Our Mission

MissionWith Gossler Farms Nursery you will be dealing with people who are gardeners first and foremost. Our goal is to get the healthiest plant for you to enjoy for many years to come. If you place an order with us, your plants will be handled by each of the three owners before they have reached your door. Roger Gossler will pull the plants from inventory, Marj Gossler will check and organize the order before Eric Gossler places the plants in the container for shipment. Because of this we have a great deal of pride in our product.. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to visit gardens around the country of long time customers. It is wonderful to be able to see 30-40 foot trees that came from us 30 years ago and to see the joy the owner takes in our finished product. We have enjoyed getting to know people from around the county. Many have developed over the years into treasured friendships. Please join us in our love of plants and gardening.